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Before it was the San Francisco Chronicle, this famous newspaper was called The Daily Dramatic Chronicle. During the heyday of the Wild West, teenage brothers Charles de Young and Gustavas de Young borrowed a $20 gold piece to launch their newspaper, The Daily Dramatic Chronicle , which eventually became the San Francisco Chronicle. A third brother, Michael, later helped Charles run the paper. Their ambitious mission was to “enlighten mankind and San Francisco of actions, intentions, sayings, doings, movements, successes, failures, oddities, peculiarities, and speculations, of us poor mortals here below.” Though it reported the news of the San Francisco Bay Area, the front page was predominantly advertisements, which were crucial to its survival, Schudson said. “My assumption is that people read newspapers like they read books. You look for the heart of the matter inside,” he said of the cover. The Baltimore Sun’s slogan, “Light for All,” has remained the same since the start. The Baltimore Sun ‘s inaugural design may have followed the pattern of its peers no headline, columns of dense text but its slogan, “Light for All,” has remained the same. Debuting at four pages, the first edition was yours for one cent. “The Baltimore Sun was an interesting precursor [to modern newspapers] because it was one of the so-called penny papers, all of which began in the 1830s,” Schudson said.

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